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El-Banna Farm is located in Monofia Governrate, in the heart of the
Delta farming region the most productive area in Egypt. The Farm
got its beginning in 1956 when the founder the late Mr. El-Banna
purchased the first piece of land in this project.

This land is allocated to crops as follows: Economic section
comprises cotton and wheat. Vegetable section includes a wide
selection like soybean, tomato, and potatoes. Fruits section
comprises orange, lemon and grape. And finally, the flower section
designated for the cultivation of outdoors plants. This flower
production is highly standard which is supplied for one of the
biggest flower traders in Egypt.

The harvest is to be divided into two ways, to be exported or to be
sold in the Egyptian Market. And to reach the client satisfaction, the
farm was managed in a recently way which ensure the quality to be
healthy and tasty.
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