About Sheen Construction

Since 1980, Construction Industries Division has succeeded by
building solid relationships that form the foundation of the
construction process. Since its beginning, the Construction
Industries Division of Sheen Group aims to be a recognized carrying
out construction, engineering, development and investment
activities separately or cooperating with International companies in
Egypt and the Middle East region working through strategic
business activities.

The Construction Group, a dynamic, construction business with
extensive expertise and experience in a variety of projects. The
business was founded over 20 years ago providing projects
includes designs and builds projects of roads, bridges, telephone
nets, sewage nets, factories, educational and Health facilities,
hotels, tourism villages and real estate investments to public and
private customers.

The Building Industries Group is a rapidly growing business area,
focuses on transferring of technology, enhancing and adding
sophistication to products and production. By working with
world-class partners, Sheen Group is able to introduce the most
up-to-date manufacturing processes and technologies in alternative
fields to Egypt and the world. Building Industries Group identifies,
develops, and participates in a wide spectrum of business
ventures. In addition to investing funds, the division provides
technical and commercial assistance to companies interested in
initiating or expanding operations in Egypt.
Sheen Construction
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