About Foundation

In 1985, Mr. Sh. El-Banna has developed El-Banna Foundation as
immortalization for his father, the late Mr. El-Banna remembrance.
The Foundation is combing the philanthropy operations which the
late Mr. El-Banna has established.

Still, after four decades, the late Mr. El-Banna ideas and principles,
as well as the donated of a part of his wealth, remain the driving
force of the Foundation. The primary goal of the Foundation is to
produce a wide and diverse range of services to the public. Also to
assist the government in the social and cultural development of

El-Banna Foundation is presently involved in developing
endowments such as schools, cultural centers, health-care
facilities and agricultural cooperation associations. El-Banna is the
largest and most active family foundation in this region of Egypt.
Resources are provided by donations from Mr. Sh. El-Banna, the
Foundation members, companies within the Sheen Group and from
revenue generated by assets owned by the Foundation.

At present, a new direction is being taken as El-Banna Foundation
is in the process of establishing El-Banna Institute under the
supervision of the oldest and deep-rooted Al-Azhar Organization,
which was established from more than 1000 years.
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