About Hueck MakMax

Hueck MakMax Egypt, is the sole agent of Taiyo Membrane
Corporation. The graceful spans of a MakMax roof, umbrella or
shade structure are at once creative and functional: attractive design
features and practical necessities for shelter from the elements.

From its Australian base, Taiyo Membrane Corporation (TMC),
designs, fabricates and constructs MakMax shelter solutions for
clients in Australia, South-East Asia, the Pacific region and the
Middle East. We believe in quality, innovation, service and the
creativity to complement great design.

TMC is a new name for Australian based, Shade Structures Birdair,
a division of Japan's Taiyo Kogyo Corporation, is a world membrane
structures group headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Since the
foundation of this family-owned company in 1922 and through the
hard work of many generations, the company has become the most
advanced modern membrane structures group.

The company has the financial backing, technical support and
extensive experience over the past 50 years to expand the use of
MakMax around the world. MakMax is the brand for world's best
tensile membrane products. It stands for quality, flexibility, durability
and style.

The people behind TMC are the same group of inventive designers,
quality focused engineers and skilled craftsman that made Shade
Structures Birdair an enormous success. It is their talent that led
Taiyo Kogyo to choose the Australian partner to drive its global
business growth.

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