About Sheen Medical

Sheen Medical, a division of the Sheen Establishment, has grown
over the years to become a leader in its field and a major member
of the Sheen Group of companies.

Backed up by the financial support of the Sheen Establishment,
Sheen Medical operates as a totally independent entity, within the
organization, specializing in the medical field with its own
managerial and sales setup.

Sheen Medical's highly organized professional marketing & sales
team is continually following up market trends in the medical field in
Egypt, enabling it to tap market information, identify the market
needs, thus defining its goals and objectives and following them up.

Benefiting from its immaculate reputation and based on its long
experience in the medical field in Egypt, Sheen Medical enjoys and
maintains excellent relations with both public and private sector
clients, giving it even more marketing strength.

Sheen Medical Activity includes Marketing, field support, and
maintenance services as well as the actual importing and stocking
medical products to cover the needs of the Egyptian market.

Sheen Medical 's product range covers equipment, instruments &
supplies for: hemodialysis, blood bank, internal medicine, intensive
care, purification systems, and orthopedics, In addition to that it also
markets and deals in: laboratory reagents, laboratory instruments,
medical supplies & disposables, radiology and radiotherapy
Sheen Medical
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