About Sheen Pharma

In response to the local needs for high quality, safe and cost
effective medicines, Sheen Group expanded its leading health care
business from medical equipment and supplies to include

Through its medical division is the sole agent of NIR, a leading
company in development of a new phetotherapeutic trend and
implementation of results in manufacturing of new preparations in
pharmacology and veterinary.

The experts of the company have developed a number of
preparations, which are successfully used in treatment of various
oncological malfunctions of the central nervous system, female
infertility, etc..

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ukraine # 1071,
September, 5, 1996 with changes and additions, preparations
PROPES ® and CEREBROCURIN ® can be bought by medical
institutions which are in financed from state and local budgets.

According to order Ministry of Health of Ukraine #169, 14.04.2003
preparations PROPES ® (L03 group - Immunomodulators) and
BIPEX® (L01X group - Others antineoplastic means) can be bought
by medical institutions which are financed from the State Budget.

Sheen Pharma markets a wide range of innovative products
covering the main therapeutic areas. Our well balanced product mix,
which includes ethical and over the counter (OTC) preparations,
consists of under-license products as well as local generic
Sheen Pharma
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