About Trading

The most traditional function of a General Trading Company is the
conventional export and import trading activities, technology transfer
among other activities to provide the best products and services to
its customers in and out of Egypt. Sheen Trading uses its
accumulated experience and extensive global relation network to
continually expand its business activities in every region of the world.

Sheen Trade strategy is to be summarized into export of the
Egyptian products with international quality standards worldwide
and to focuses on developing strategic products tailored to local
market needs.

The Energy Resources operating section conducts global trading
business in different kinds, mainly charcoal and crude oil. The
Building Materials section mainly comprises cement, steel, timber,
aluminum, marble, granite, ceramic, tubes, and painting chemicals
in all types. The Foodstuff section includes sugar, flour, butter,
yellow corn, canned products, and fish. The Vehicle section
comprises trading in heavy machinery, automobiles, lorries,
engines and its spare parts. The Technology section includes
sophisticated and technological electronic parts and components.
Sheen Trading Division decided to start a new section that will trade
in plants and factories.

In the years ahead, Sheen will continue to broaden its capabilities
as an active project manager and to pursue new business
opportunities in a growing number of markets. Sheen continues to
extend valuable assistance to a host of foreign enterprises for the
development of promising industries and investments projects in
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