Product information
Facade 1.0 VF 50:
The established mullion-transom construction.
The facade system VF 50 with its mullion-transom construction enables to
choose from numerous profile variants and special design profiles. So there
are no limits to creativity. Vertical facades, domes and sloping roofs of unique
quality are presented in a modern and extravagant way. Special solutions like
Photovoltaik are just as familiar to our experts as other ecological and
energy-saving facade variants.
A special variant of the comprehensive door program is the contour door.
This front door features a striking surface offset between sash and frame as
well as between sash and bottom rail profile. The optics is equal to the
character of classical wooden doors. All current fillings like glass, cassettes or
panels can be inserted into the design-accentuated door and can be combined
in various design possibilities.

System advantages
- Mullion-transom construction for domes and facades with an elevation width
of 50 mm
- Compatibility in modular system facade
- Slender elevations
- Numerous cover profile variants
- Mullion depth is according to static requirements of 76,5 up to 196 mm with
controlled drainage
- Mullion bending point in many graduations for polygonal constructions
- Inlet transom with low-noise expansion housing in mullion
- Transom adjusted to mullion depth
- Mullion-transom-system for elemented construction
- High unit stiffness due to use of operation rod technique
- Variety in design with window- and door insert elements as well as skylight
- Thermal insulation Uf between 1.0 and 2.1 W/m²K depending on insulation
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Series 1.0 VF 50