Product information
Series A 72:
Creative design for the interior.
Also in the interior of buildings doors, windows, window hinges and
transparent partitions have important functions. Here, the series A 72 offers the
perfect solution, also for elegant and filigrane partition constructions. Available
in numerous colours and coating types.
The special strength of the series A 72 is shown in combination facilities. A
plentitude of window opening types: side-hung-, bottom-hung-, turn-tilt-, parallel
sliding and tilting-, French- and tilt windows as well as fixed glazing elements
build in connection with the possible door constructions, limit stop-, swing- and
parallel-sliding-tilt door, an almost unlimited variation range. Thus, all opening
types can be designed optionally single- or double sash.
The series includes a complete fitting- and accessory program, all connecting
points for windows and doors are possible.

System advantages
- Non-insulated window- and door construction
- Profiles without insulation requirements
- Externally flush
- Side-hung- and turn-tilt windows, tilt sash, French window
- For outer doors
- For porches
- For inner doors
- For inner partitions
- Quality security according to DIN EN ISO 9001
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Series A 72