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Custom tension structures have been the innovative design element for almost
every kind of building. From small canopies to column-free long-span spaces
and complex integrated designs, tensioned membrane combines the aesthetic
possibilities of form and function resulting in dramatic signature structures.

Advantages of Tensioned Membrane Structures:

Shape - Architectural membrane can be formed into infinite number of shapes
from flamboyant, dynamic structures boldly expressing the tension within the
material to a very subdued inconspicuous dome or barrel vault shape. This
gives the designer and owner the flexibility to experiment and to create building
that is distinctively impressive. From soft billowing curves, to rigid angular folds,
the membrane's flexibility allows you to design the shape best suited to your
project's overall concept.

Translucency & Aesthetics -

Interior - The membranes translucency creates gently diffused glare-free
natural lighting that reduces lighting and HVAC costs and serves to protect
interior environments and patrons from harmful UV exposure (when compared
to glass). The translucency also allows for plant growth without the
concentrated light rays that induce a plant's tendency to gravitate towards the
light source.

Exterior - Probably the most striking feature of tensioned architectural
membrane when viewed from the exterior is its brilliance. During daylight, the
membrane appears bright white and opaque creating an icon attracting from a
distance. With nighttime backlighting, the fabric emits an ambient glow that
also creates a strong visual anchor. The structure becomes a welcoming
beacon and instant landmark destination.

The membrane acts as both the exterior and interior finished ceiling reducing
finishing costs.

Proven Durability/Life Cycle - Tensioned architectural membrane structures
are formally recognized in the model building codes as part of permanent
construction. Teflon-coated fiberglass membrane structures exhibit durability
and weather resistant factors with installations ranging from the frigid Antarctic
to the Saudi Arabian desert heat. Projects utilizing Teflon-coated fiberglass
(PTFE)membrane have an excess of 30 years life cycle.

Lightweight Structural Support - Membrane roofs weigh far less than
conventional roofing systems resulting in reduced structural steel components.

Code Approval - Installations meet fire code requirements for virtually all types
of construction. PTFE structures have been installed around the world with
acceptance by British, French, Italian, Australian, Japanese and German
National Standards along with American ASTM standards.

Maintenance - Many projects utilize PTFE, because of the non-stick properties
of the Teflon coating, the membrane is immune to chemical attachment by
pollutants. Dust, dirt, ash, etc. that settles upon a Teflon-coated membrane roof
can be washed off with water - usually with natural rainfall.


Architects have applied the aesthetic and practical properties of tension
membrane structures to a wide range of architectural assignments including:

Amphitheaters - Stage Covers, Bandshells
Amusement - Casino Entrances and Themed Designs, State Fairgrounds,
Olympic Venues, Amusement Parks
Sports - Stadiums, Arenas, Practice Facilities, Multi-Purpose Athletic Facilities
Commercial Building Applications - Building Roofs, Courtyards, Entrance
Convention Centers - Long-Span Exhibit Hall Roofs, Entrance Canopies
Environmental Applications - Digester Cladding
Institutional - University Buildings, Museums, Churches, Research Centers
Transportation - Airport & Cruise Terminals, Toll & Inspection Stations,
Boarder Crossings, Park and Ride Transit Centers, Pedestrian Walkways,
Escalator Covers  
Retail - Shopping Malls Concourses and Food Courts, Retail and
Entertainment Complexes

The Taiyo group works closely with our customer to design and build structures
with maximum impact, functionality and durability. Use your imagination - use
our technology.  
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