Product information
Practical, versatile, stylish and economical
that's the MakMax Streetscape promise
Pre-engineered modular systems provide the visual appeal of a custom
designed fabric structure with economic advantages - an ideal solution for
exterior architecture, landscape designs, and shade applications.

The contour curved edge detail is standard to all modular structures. This sleek
look suggests a feeling of lightness and streamlines the overall design of the
structure. The linear (straight) edge detail is optional for both Monaco and
Pavilion models.

Modular structures can transform ordinary landscapes or streetscapes into
stunning architectural statements while integrating harmoniously with natural
environments and building composition - simply designed, functional and

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Modular Structures
Pre-engineered modular
structures are available in a
range of shapes, sizes, and
colors to suit your shading

Fixed Construction
Modular structures are
permanent installations with
no umbrella-type closeable

Supporting structural steel
features two-part paint
(standard); powder coat,
hot-dipped galvanized, and
Marine grade 316 stainless
steel also available. Cables
and fittings are stainless steel.

Fabric Quality
PVC canopy is waterproof,
anti-fungal, UV resistant, and
easy-to-clean PVDF coating
means long life and low
maintenance. Standard
structures feature white PVC
(color options available); PTFE
(Teflon-coated fiberglass) also
Wind Load
Pre-engineered modular structures have a standard 90mph wind rating. The
wind-rating is upgradeable to suit local code requirements.  

Multiple modules can be linked with a single, continuous structure "skin" or
canopy, providing endless sizing and configuration options.  

Site-Assembled/Installation Sequence
Modular structures come with fabric and cable fittings assembled for easy
installation onto supporting structural steel. See quick easy steps to a typical